Restaurant Review – Check Out Sushi Moto For Fresh Sushi

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Sushi Moto is definitely at at the top of my list when it comes to eating sushi in North York. This Japanese restaurant is conveniently located at the heart of North York at 4901 Yonge St, North York. Unlike many of the spots in that area, you can find complimentary parking at the rear of the restaurant. The few times that I have been there I found the service has been amazing and sushi fresh.


They always serve this little complimentary appetizer bowl of cold noodle soup and I swear that’s half the reason why I crave going there. (I swear it’s so good =D) It was a Friday night and I was going dancing after so here’s my look of the night. You will see that I’m simply wearing a Brandy Melville white tank top that is super comfortable because it’s a very soft cotton, ribbed material. Also, you can control how much cleavage is shown with the tie at the front, and let’s be real how can that ever be a bad thing. I’m also wearing a berry suede choker from Mendocino that I scooped up for $20. I usually don’t wear lipstick on the regular but I decided to rock jam coloured lipstick considering I wore such a casual outfit. (Sorry I didn’t get to take a full picture of my outfit this time! Guess I was too hungry haha) It may look like I’m not impressed in this picture but trust me I’m ecstatic to be posing behind one of my favourite foods to ingest. My RBF game is just too strong apparently.


Ahhhh there you go. That’s, how I actually felt. Now let’s take a look at some sushi porn from Sushi Moto shall we?


Sushi Moto Makes Miso Happy

By the way, I’m literally obsessed with ginger and wasabi. How I know that I have sufficient amount of wasabi in my soy sauce is at the point where my eyes start watering in pain. Seriously. I’ll show you a pic next time I eat sushi and you’ll be like “Would you like some soy sauce with that ginger?”







In conclusion, Sushi Moto is Alice Approved. If you’ve tried Sushi Moto, leave a comment and tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the restaurant and thank you for reading! ❤︎


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