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I’ve always said that one of the keys to a happy life is to have lot’s of girl’s nights. Therefore, it’s always exciting to go out with one of my favourite females Michelle (Instagram: tiramimoo). Michelle has a heart of gold and a knee slappingly great sense of humour. In addition to that, she also encourages me to take more pictures when we’re out for my blog. Therefore, we usually love choosing the most Instagrammable spots, much like Wish Restaurant. 


wish restaurant

Michelle and I picked Wish Restaurant from a list of chic restaurants from Google. So we drove down to Yonge and Charles to the restaurant and entered. When I entered the restaurant, I smelt and saw comfort. The patio has a little square pit with candles warming up the atmosphere. It’s one of the few restaurants in Toronto that has a usable patio all year round. There are couches along the walls with cottage-like cushions and blankets just in case you get cold. It’s small, however filled with charm and comforting aesthetics.

wish restaurant

Wish Restaurant patio and entrance

Wish Restaurant

Wish Restaurant patio decor


Wish Restaurant Inside

Claire was our server that night and she was fantastic. She said she had only been working there for only a few months. However, she was very knowledgable about the menu and very welcoming. She allowed us to sit anywhere we wanted as the restaurant was quite empty on a weekday evening. We sat outside on the patio which was warm considering it was a cold rainy day outside. I snuggled in with a blanket and pillow and ordered the ultimate comfort food: Fried Chicken. Michelle ordered the Grilled Salmon to balance off my comfort. And lastly, we ordered the grilled Halloumi cheese to start and Brussel sprouts as a side to share. 

wish restaurant

Halloumi Cheese

Michelle and I wanted to try the daily charcuterie board to start. We were so excited by that idea that we even started talking about our personal histories with olives. (We both hated it before, then started to like it over the years and now we love them?) Then Claire politely told us that it was unavailable for the evening and crushed our dreams. Just kidding, we just ended up ordering the grilled Halloumi cheese platter. It was my first time trying Halloumi cheese and I must admit I wasn’t a big fan. I’m very picky when it comes to cheese and avoid blue and goat cheese like the plague. Therefore, if you love goat cheese then you will love Halloumi cheese. Halloumi cheese is made up of milk from sheep and goats. With that being said, Michelle, who is a lover of cheese, loved it! 

Wish Restaurant

Next up, was the mains of the night! My buttermilk battered fried chicken with roasted fingerling potatoes, red cabbage and apple salad came out. The presentation was excellent and the gravy was delicious. Overall, I enjoyed it however to be honest I’ve had better fried chicken.

Wish Restaurant

Fried Chicken

Michelle’s brined grilled salmon with cauliflower nut and current couscous eggplant cream on the other hand was excellent! The salmon was cooked perfectly and the couscous was delicious. 

Wish Restaurant

Grilled Salmon

I loved the brussel sprouts which came with a sweet and sour bacon glaze. It was delicious and savoury. 

Wish Restaurant

Brussel Sprouts

Overall, I love the restaurant for it’s atmosphere, chic decor and great service. The food was good and the plating was beautiful. In addition, Claire informed us that Wish Restaurant has excellent weekend brunch. It would be the perfect place to go brunching with your girlfriends or with your significant other. However, you may want to make a reservation beforehand for brunch as they get booked up quickly! 

Wish Restaurant

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoyed my review of Wish Restaurant! If you know someone that might love this eclectic atmosphere, please feel free to share this post with them. You can check out their menu on their website by clicking here. Thanks so much for reading!!?

Service: ★★★★☆

Food: ★★★☆

Ambience: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★☆

Overall rating: ★★★★☆

Therefore, wish restaurant is aliceapproved*

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  • Michelle

    A+ for the Halloumi cheese.

    10/10 would eat again with you

  • Michelle

    Ps I love you and you’re always gorgeous ❤

    – your number one fan

    • Aww love you boo ? See you this Saturday!