Restaurant Review – The Drake Hotel SkyYard

Congratulations, you have survived yet another Monday! Hope you all had an awesome weekend and since I haven’t done a restaurant review in a while, I thought I’d deliver one to you today. I’m going to share with you this weekend’s brunch experience at the Drake Hotel.

the drake hotel

I’ve worked at a hotel restaurant before, therefore I had high expectations when it came to ambience, food and last but definitely not least service. Therefore, I was happy to see that right when Ben and I walked through the hotel doors, we were instantly greeted with a smile. We were informed that the brunch menu was the same for all three restaurants of the hotel: the café, the lounge dining room and the Sky Yard. We decided to reach for the skies and went upstairs to the Sky Yard.

the drake hotel

The Drake Hotel Cafe with the ground level patio

the drake hotel

Drake Hotel Lounge Dining Room

the drake hotel

Sky Yard

When we got upstairs, the hostess greeted us and was extremely patient while we chose the right table. It was a very hot and sunny day so we had to make sure that we chose a spot where we wouldn’t melt down to the first floor. Once we got settled in we ordered the gin + cucumber Caesar and a mimosa for drinks. For food, we got the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, potato hash, a fruit bowl, and avocado toast.

the drake hotelOne of the servers told us that they opened up a Drake commissary in the Junction Triangle area and that they make their hot sauces there from scratch. They also make a lot of other high quality and healthy foods from scratch for all the Drake properties. Therefore, I was so excited to try their hot sauce! It came in a pipette dropper bottle which told me I was in for a hot treat. It had hints of carrot in the hot sauce and came off a bit sweet at first then the Habanero kicked in after and it was HOT. Definitely my kind of hot sauce.

the drake hotelLet’s move on to the actual food and drinks. Ben and I agreed that we loved the spices and horseradish in the Caesar, however we could’ve done without the cucumber. The mimosa was good as usual.

Eggs Benedict

The eggs Benedict on the other hand was SO delicious! The salmon was amazing quality and the server told us that they were wild and not farmed. The eggs were perfectly poached and the bed of greens on the side was a nice fresh touch. The hollandaise sauce was silky and delicious.

the drake hotel

The hash browns were one of the best I’ve ever had. They were cooked to perfection and crispy on the outside. Furthermore, the purple cabbage gave this side dish a nice colour and texture to the bite.

the drake hotel

Next up is the avocado toast. I love the fact that they use sourdough bread as it’s more nutritious and digestible. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the tangerine that was placed on the toast. I found it overpowered the guacamole and I ended up picking some off after.

the drake hotel

The berries didn’t come out with the rest of the dishes and we had to ask them for it. The server dealt with the situation flawlessly. She apologized for the wait and told us that it was on the house. She then followed up to see that we received it a few minutes after. I was definitely impressed with the hospitality of the hotel.

In conclusion, I had an amazing experience brunching at the Drake Hotel. I loved the artsy and hipster vibe of the rooftop patio and the service was great. And to show you how much we loved the food, here is an aftermath picture. I’m taking inspiration from a recent Korean drama I watched on Netflix called Let’s Eat. It’s about a food blogger that only takes pictures of his empty plate to show his readers how much he loved the food. It’s a corny drama but I love that it’s about people coming together because of their love for food. 
the drake hotel

alice lee

Ben was also impressed with the Drake Hotel’s brunch ?

Well, that concludes this week’s post. I absolutely relish everything about brunch so I hope that this was helpful to you. Hope you have a fabulous week and thanks so much for reading! See you next Monday loves xx

Service: ★★★★☆

Food: ★★★★☆

Ambience: ★★★★☆

Value: ★★★★★

therefore, brunch at the drake hotel is aliceapproved*

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