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Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce to you that I’m going to be a Brand Ambassador for an amazing skin care line called Saranghae. I’m so thrilled to be coming on board to the Saranghae family as today is the day they launched their reformulation and new packaging. Saranghae’s five step routine is the fastest growing Korean skincare system in North America.

Korean Skin Care Products

saranghaeI’m personally obsessed with Korean skin care products. This is because ever since I was young I’ve known that our culture was obsessed with skincare. I remember watching my mom as a little girl, put on a 6 step skin care routine every night. Korean women spend twice as much time and money on skin care products and their dedication definitely pays off (check out the flawless skin of Korean drama actresses)! It seems that the rest of the world is starting to notice this as well; Sephora even has a whole section just dedicated to Korean skin care products. This is why I know Saranghae is going to be amazing.

Saranghae Means I love you + 5 Step Korean Anti-Aging Routine




Saranghae (사랑해) literally means I love you in Korean. I love the name of it because they it’s really all about loving the skin you’re in with their 5 step routine. It’s normal for Koreans to do on average anywhere from 4-7 steps for their skin care routine. It may sound excessive however you only apply a dime size amount of each and what’s another 3 minutes for youthful skin? I used to have really bad acne for a few years and as a result, still have some battle scars.  I also have sensitive skin so I’m very careful about the products I put on my face. However, I’m excited to start using Saranghae’s 5 step routine consistently and I’ll be showing you before and after pictures after some time.

Step 1: Saranghae Nourishing + Moisturizing Cleanser

saranghae cleanser

This cleanser is an oil based botanical cleanser and is gentle for your face which is what I need since I have sensitive skin. They promise instant hydration and softness in your skin. It removes make up, toxins and micro-particles as well, which is important to battle aging skin. Can’t wait to try this out! They had such great reviews and testimonials with this cleanser that they kept the look and formula the same as before!

Step 2: Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

saranghae essence serum

The essence and serum is a completely new product. Usually when it comes to Korean skin care, the essence and serum are separate products and steps. I love that they combined the two together because it will save me time and still allow me to reap the same benefits. Saranghae were the first ones to do this! This step will deliver nutrients that your skin needs like antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. Your skin will heal and regenerate giving you a healthy glow.

Step 3: Saranghae Firm + Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream

saranghae cream

This cream has been completely reformulated to be more powerful and effective. It promises to reduce damage due to oxidative stress by up to 220%! As a result, you will have younger looking, beautiful skin with decreased age spots and redness. Now that I’ll be hitting my 30s soon I definitely need something like this!

Step 4: Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream

I’ve never used an eye cream before therefore I’m really excited to start. Even more so since I’ve been noticing some bags starting to form. This eye cream is meant to lift, firm and brighten the skin around your eyes.

Step 5: Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask

saranghae mask

Last but not least is their sheet mask! I’ve actually tried many sheet masks over the last few years including this one. Saranghae’s sheet mask is what made me really want to join the Saranghae family as it was amazing. I put it on before going to bed and the next morning I noticed that my skin felt softer, brighter and even diminished my pimples!



Well those are the steps and descriptions of Saranghae’s products. I’m going to start the process today and in about 30 days I will do another blogpost of my results so stay tuned. For more information on Saranghae, feel free to click into their links at the bottom. Thanks so much for reading and saranghae! Xx

to learn more about saranghae, their innovative technologies or try the products out, click on the links below!







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