New Year’s Dress – Find Out Why This Dress Was Perfect

If you’re anything like me, at the end of every year you will be in search of finding the perfect New Year’s dress. There’s something so satisfying about ending off the year feeling like a million bucks. Whether you went out on NYE or stayed in with your loved ones I hope that you had a fabulous and safe New Years! I feel blessed to say that I spent this New Years in Mexico with Ben for our 1 year anniversary.

New Year's dress

1 Year Anniversary with Benji!

You wouldn’t believe how crazy our day of NYE turned out to be. Long story short: We went on a 14 hour Mexican excursion which was only supposed to last for 8 hours. We arrived back at the resort, half an hour before all the restaurants were closing. You can imagine how fabulous that was as we were starved from our 14 hour day under the sun. On a brighter note, I will do a post on all the beautiful places we went to in Mexico that day for some fun Mexican excursion ideas for you!

New Year's Dress

I digress. Moving on, there was only 10 minutes to run to the hotel and put on my New Year’s dress. We then ran over to the Italian restaurant at the resort. The food there was the best in the resort and we were hoping for a last minute table for our anniversary dinner. In the promise of keeping the story short, it seemed impossible as they said we couldn’t get a table. However, we miraculously ended up getting a table. In addition, Geraldo, the sweetest waiter we’ve ever encountered gave us an incredible dinner experience. It was a New Years Anniversary Miracle. Getting back to the New Year’s dress, you wouldn’t believe the compliments I received on it. I have to give all the credits to the dress as I definitely wasn’t feeling the freshest that night. Here are some pictures of the dress before I explain further.

In conclusion, you can wear this dress anytime you want to feel fabulous. Let’s have a last look at the beautiful New Year’s dress before we shine away from this. I thought you might like to see the way the sequins move in the light.

New Year's dress

The angle is kind of awkward but you get the point

The dress is available at FashionNova for only $37.99 and is now on sale for $22.97. They don’t have many sizes of that dress left so click here for something similar.  You can get similar Jimmy Choo wedges here. 

Comment below and let me know if you personally would ever wear this dress. Also, tag #hautekimchi on your New Year’s dress on Instagram and I’ll be sure to like it. Thanks for reading! xx

 *This post is solely my own opinion and was not paid or given any products to create this post. 

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