Lampshading – How to Style an Oversized OVO Sweater

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Lampshading is when you wear an oversized sweater, like this OVO sweater, with over the knee boots or socks. A lot of celebrities are “lampshading” like Bella Hadid and Chrissy Tiegen. 


Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashain, Bella Hadid

This news should elate you as much as it elated me. Not only do you get to steal comfy sweaters from your boyfriend, brother, male friend’s closet but you get to look totally fashionable doing it.

lampshading haute kimchi

The OVO Sweater from the boyfriend’s closet is a size Large and cozy. You can check it out here. I wore it back when the weather was milder and we were going to eat at an authentic Korean restaurant.

I must warn you that when you lampshade, people will ask you whether you’re wearing shorts. They may even ask you if you’re naked under there. Don’t worry though because that’s just the look. It’s like back in the days when we used to wear short shorts and long shirts. It just screams “I woke up like this”. Just be sure to wear a dress, skirt or shorts underneath for extra protection and also so that you can say “duh” to your questioning non-lampshader.

hautekimchi lampshading

Therefore, I wore a white shirt dress underneath that peaked out a bit at the back. I haven’t found the perfect over the knee boots that I want to include in my lampshading outfits, therefore I made the illusion of one with black knee high socks and black YSL pumps (similar one available here). 

hautekimchi lampshading

I chose this particular sweater not just because Drake is killing it out there. It also reps Toronto, where I live, which has a very special spot in my heart.

OVO Sweater

Shoutouts to the random purple strand of hair – blogpost about purple hair coming soon

So go out there and choose your favourite oversized comfy sweater, grab your favourite OTK boots (if you’re like me and you haven’t found the perfect OTK boots then use knee highs) and start lampshading! If you post your lampshading OOTD on Instagram, tag me @alice_lee_ and I’ll be sure to like it 😉

Thanks for reading✌

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