DIY Snapchat Butterfly Filter Halloween Costume

snapchat butterfly filter

Hey guys! As promised last week, I’m super excited to do a Halloween special for the first time on Haute Kimchi. Halloween is definitely one of my favourite holidays. It’s so fun and it gives me a natural high seeing all the creativity that people put into their costumes. However, when you don’t have a lot of time because life takes over like work, family, or simply just Netflix marathons, you may not have planned out your costume. That’s why this DIY Snapchat butterfly filter costume is perfect for an easy last minute Halloween getup. So let’s flutter right into it! 

Snapchat Butterfly Filter

back when the filter was available and I didn’t know how to do my eyebrows ?

The Butterfly Filter is hands down the most popular and loved filter of Snapchat’s life. Celebrities like Kim K and Selena Gomez were seen avidly using this filter. That is, until it got cruelly taken away from us much not unlike taking candy from a baby (not dramatic at all) We all loved how it made our eyes look brighter, noses smaller, and our skin more tanned. It had a way of making you look like a goddess. Now that we hyped it up, let’s get into the transformation!?

I want to give you an idea of how fast this DIY costume is. I got home from work at 5:45 pm and the sun was set to go down at 6:15 pm (thanks to my friend who used her app to inform me?) The costume was finished by 6:10, right when it started getting too dark for pictures. This first picture above is me with my basic everyday make up right after work. I look tired because it’s been a long day, so let’s move on to the next step quickly?

Ta da!! This is the final look. JayKayJayKay. I know, it looks excessive but you gotta have that flawless finish that the Snapchat butterfly filter provides. Therefore, I put a lot of concealer on under my eyes and blended it with a damp BeautyBlender for a flawless finish. 


Next, I defined my eyes with black and gold eyeshadow. I also put gold shimmer in the corner of my eyes and underneath my eyes for that extra pop. Now comes the most important step: the glow. It’s really important that you have that ethereal glow that the filter provides, much like a shiny chrysalis (pun intended and no regrets). Also, you can use the highlighter to make your nose look thinner. So I used my favourite highlighter and swept it all over the highest points of my cheeks, down my nose and above my upper lip. 

Up next, I put on my favourite Mac nude lipstick and used a Marc Jacobs lipgloss. I love doing a nude lip because it instantly makes you look more tanned. Then I placed the butterflies I bought for $5 online on my head, securing them with bobby pins. If it’s too late for you to order online, then you can get butterflies from Michaels or the dollar store. If you can’t find gold ones then use adhesive spray and gold glitter to get the job done. 

 Then put on your favourite dress and get ready to Snapchat your Snapchat butterfly filter costume. And here is the final product! 

snapchat butterfly filter

snapchat butterfly filter


I hope you loved seeing my transformation today; much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly (ok i’ll stop with the butterfly puns now) If you like this post, connect with me on Instagram @haute.kimchi and have an amazing Halloween! 

As usual, thanks so much for reading ?

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